DoMoneyNews | The schoolteacher about to fight Manny Pacquiao

The schoolteacher about to fight Manny Pacquiao

In the classroom he's known as Mr Horn. But in the ring, call him "The Hornet". A relatively unknown physical education (PE) teacher from Australia is weeks away from taking on Manny Pacquiao for boxing's world welterweight title. If 29-year-old Jeff Horn - the "fighting schoolteacher" as promoters have dubbed him - can match the reigning champion, his life could change forever. Who is Jeff Horn? Eleven years ago, Horn was a self-described nerd from Brisbane who walked into a boxing club to learn self-defence. He read books, played board games in the library at lunchtime, and was often the victim of bullying. The only fighter in the family was his grandfather, Ray Horn, who put on exhibition matches in outback Queensland in the 1930s. His dad, Jeff Horn Sr, is a builder. His mum, Liza Sykstra, works for the St Vincent de Paul Society. "I got into a few fights at high school," Horn told the BBC. "I didn't win the majority of those fights either."

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